Choose tourist destination, then pick the house you want to rent, and fill out the reservation request form titled ¨Book Now¨
The importation of exchangeable money in Cuba has no limitation, even if it is in cash, checks or any other means. Without abrogate what said before, persons bringing more than $5 000 USD or its equivalent in other currencies, must declare it to the customs functionaries
Mostly in cash, to the homeowners once you arrive there. Although, there are a few cases, where some homeowners require a prepay of at least the amount of the first day of rent, in order to guarantee and confirm the reservation request made by you.
1- Our agency is located at the destination: Cuba, so we work with the real and the lowest home´s prices.
2- Clients can appreciate through our website the details, comforts and services of every rent; all displayed in pictures, precise descriptions, travelers’ comments, and many other useful elements to users, in order to get the customers well informed and familiarized with the homes before arriving to their destination. 
3- We take care personally of every detail, from your reservation request, through your staying and leaving the home.

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